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1.  Sep. 2008-Aug. 2011:

     "Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientists" Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi.

      Amount:  Rs. 20,000,00/- - Completed.  

      [Rated "EXCELLENT" by the Final Review Committee]


2. Oct. 2010-Aug. 2013:

      Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi 

      Amount:  Rs. 15,000,00/-  - Completed.  


3. May. 2012-April 2013:

     UGC - University with Potential for Excellence (UPE 2) Grant

     Amount: Rs. 3,000,00/-  - Completed. 


4.  April.2010-July 2015:

      Head of the Max-Planck Partner Group at UoH 

      "Max Planck - India Partner Groups",  Max-Planck Society (MPG), Germany.

       Amount: Rs. ~ 80,000,00/- (Euro 100,000.00) (with Prof. Klaus Mullen, Director, MPIP, Mainz.)

       Visit his site: - Completed. 


5. May. 2014-April 2016:

     UGC - University with Potential for Excellence (UPE 2) Grant 

     (Co-Investigator: Prof. Nirmal Viswanathan, Physics)

     Amount: Rs. 7,96000/- - Completed. 


6.  2015-2018:

     "Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) -NEW DELHI"  

      Major Project on "Organic Photonic Materials" 

      Amount:  Rs. 50,940,00/-  Completed. [VERY GOOD GRADE]


7. Dec. 2015-Nov 2016:

     UGC - UPE 2 NetWork Project Grant 

     Amount: Rs. 3,50000/- - Completed.


8. Aug 2016-2019:

    Project on "STM/Spectroscopy  Studies"

   UGC DAE-CRS (Co-Investigator: Dr. Sudipita Burman, Physics)

    Rs. 16,00000/-  -  Completed.


9.  Mar 2017- Feb 2020:

   DST-RSF International Project 

   Moscow State University / UoH

   Amount: Rs. 85,82000/- Completed.


10. 2019-2022:

     "Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) -NEW DELHI"  

      Major Project on "Bandwidth tunable Organic and Polymer Micro-Resonators for Lasing" 

      Amount:  Rs. 56,93270/-  Completed. [Excellent Grade]


11. 2021-2024:

     "Institution of Eminence - Research Call-1"  

      Major Project on "Opto-Mechanics of Micro-Crystals for Flexible Photonics" 

      Amount:  Rs. 5903776/-  Ongoing. [Excellent Grade]

12. May 2023- April 2026:

     SERB-STAR Award project

     "Organic Flexible Crystal-based Micro-Optical Interferometers" 

      Amount:  Rs. 3300000/-  Ongoing.

13. June 2023-May 2026:


    "Developing a Wearable, Light-Concentrating, Photonic Micro-Sphere Patch for On-the-Go Outdoor/Indoor Photodynamic  Therapy"

    Amount: 5243532/- Ongoing.

14.  Feb 2024- 2027:


     "Geometrical Shaping of Organic Crystals via Ion Beam Milling for Industrial Scale Production of Photonic Integrated Circuit Components"

     Amount: 6000000/- Sanctioned.

15. 2024-2027

     SERB CRG [CRG/2023/003911]

     "Non-linear Optical Flexible Organic Crystals for Photonic Integrated Circuits"

     Amount:  7012400/- Sanctioned.

16. 2024-2027

     DST-RSF [TPN-91712]

     Amount:  -/- Sanctioned.

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